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Sunday, 18 October 2009

bad boy to slutty girl


  1. *looks down at the cock*

    Thinks: But I'm a guy. So why does that cock look so good. He says that I won't have any problems and all I have to do is suck him.

    *leans in and licks the tip of the cock*

    Thinks: That actually felt kinda good.

    *parts lips and takes it in as deep as possible*

    Thinks: Because I know what a guy likes I'm doing great at this.

    *swallows as he cums*

    Thinks: I could get used to this.

  2. Your right I did like it lastnight.

    * grabs the cock gently

    How about a counter deal. Since I'm going to be like this the reast of the year anyway, whynot just go the whole way. I'll be your little cock loving sissy if you arange for me to get all the propper parts to really become Michelle. After all would'nt it be so much better if I could put this in between a real pair of tits? Besides who says this has to last a year.

  3. I'd bargain with him. "How about I just give it a peck? No? Ok a peck and a lick? No? ok how about i just wrap my lips....." all of a sudden he crams it all the way down my throught before i finish my last offer.